Dentist Antioch Use of antibiotics after tooth extraction?

Antioch CA Dentist discuss the use of antibiotics after tooth extraction

Tooth extraction is a surgical treatment method that is used to remove a tooth that is affected by gum disease or tooth decay. Another reason why tooth extraction can be done is to get rid of wisdom teeth that aren’t aligned in the right manner or those that cause inflammation or pain.


Infection risks


After extracting a tooth, the risk of infection is still real. Statistics indicate that this risk is around 10 percent. However, for patients who are already sick or whose immunity is low, this risk can rise to around 25 percent. Some of the complications that can result as a result of tooth extraction include pus drainage, swelling pain, fever as well as dry socket (a condition that is marked by blood clot, bad odor, and severe pain). In order to treat the infections, patients are supposed to take antibiotics.


Important of antibiotics in tooth extraction


There is enough evidence to prove that when antibiotics are administered before or even after a surgery by an oral surgeon, this can minimize the infection risk, dry socket, and pain.  There is also enough evidence to show that antibiotics can be effective in preventing fever, swelling, as well as problems associated with restricted opening of the mouth after the removal of wisdom teeth. When taking antibiotics after a tooth extraction, there are a few things that you need to bear in mind.


·         Ensure that you take the full prescription. Even if you were to find that there is an improvement in your condition or you feel cured, be sure to finish the prescription.


·         Take antibiotics as a treatment for bacterial infection. People will by instinct only want to take the medications that make them feel better even when they are suffering from common cold or flu. However, the truth of the matter is that antibiotics will only treat bacteria and common cold can be caused by a virus.



Therefore, antibiotics can be used by a dentist in the management of the infections inside the mouth caused by bacteria.