Dentist Antioch 6 Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

More people suffer from sensitive teeth than commonly thought.  Oftentimes, eating or drinking hot or cold items will put a person quickly into the pain that radiates from the tooth through the head.  This holds many back from what they can and cannot eat and will dictate the lifestyle that they live.  To alleviate some of the pain, understanding what causes sensitive teeth will be a big help. 


Causes of Sensitive Teeth

Several things can cause a person to suffer from sensitive teeth.  Some of the more common causes are:


1.       There is existing tooth decay, such as cavities.

2.       Fractured teeth.

3.       Fillings are worn out.

4.       Periodontal disease, otherwise known as gum disease.

5.       Worn enamel.

6.       Exposed roots in the teeth.


Dealing with Sensitive Teeth

To properly deal with sensitive teeth, you must first know the cause.  Visiting your local dentist is the place to start.  Then, check out these tips to help you deal with sensitive teeth.


1.       Using a toothpaste designed specifically for sensitive teeth.  The toothpaste is made with compounds that block the sensations transmitted from the surface of the tooth to the nerve.  It could take a few weeks to see the full results of this method.


2.       Fluoride gel can be given in the office to strengthen the enamel of the tooth.  This is an effective way of reducing sensitivity.


3.       Repair decaying teeth with a crown, inlay or bonding.


4.       Those who experience loss of gum tissue can opt for a surgical gum graft.  This will give you healthier gums so the sensitivity will be lessened.


5.       Root canals are done if the root is the cause of a person’s sensitivity.  This is a last choice option for a patient after all other avenues of treatment haven’t worked. 


There is no reason to allow tooth sensitivity to run your life.  See your Antioch dentist immediately for treatment options and to ensure that there is not a more severe issue causing your trouble.