Antioch Veneers and Implants

Root Canal Therapy

Antioch, CA dentists at East Bay Dental rely on root canal therapy in order to save and repair a tooth that has been infected due to a deep cavity or cracked tooth. Since a tooth’s pulp and nerve are not important to a tooth’s health and function, the procedure involves removing the pulp and the nerves of the tooth to better clean the infected area. If a necessary root canal treatment is delayed, bacteria can build up at the root tip and the infected pulp can spread to the surrounding bone causing pain and swelling. In the most extreme cases, an extraction is necessary.


When is a root canal necessary?

  • If you experience unbearable tooth pain while chewing
  • If you awaken during rest from a toothache
  • If you have highly sensitive teeth with lingering sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures
  • If your tooth is discolored or darkened 
  • If your gum is swollen near the infected tooth


How it’s done

Root canal treatment begins with an opening made into the pulp chamber through the crown of the tooth. The pulp is then removed through the opening and the root canal is thoroughly cleaned. The procedure is either completed in one or two separate visits. At this point, if the procedure will be completed at a second visit, your Antioch dentist will use a temporary filling to protect the tooth. Upon your return, the temporary filling will be replaced by a permanent filling or crown over the tooth.


The good news is that root canal therapy has a fairly large success rate for saving many teeth that will last a lifetime. The crown or filling placed during the final steps of the procedure makes it hard to notice that you’ve even had a root canal treatment.