Dentist Antioch A Shining Smile to Share

See how Zoom Whitening and Your 94531 Dentist Can Dramatically Improve Your Teeth


It’s no surprise that patients want to have a bright, white smile like the celebrities do on television. There are a number of ways that patients can whiten their teeth, but your 94531 dentist has the best option for you! Our office offers Zoom Whitening, a cosmetic option for patients who want a brighter smile and who want it fast! Learn more about this procedure below.


Zoom Whitening is a bleaching process in order to lighten any discoloration or stains that are on the enamel (the surface of your teeth) and dentin. Your enamel goes through a lot on a daily basis—from dealing with constant foods and drinks and potentially bad habits like biting your nails or smoking cigarettes, your teeth are consistently “under attack.” All of these factors can contribute to a dimmer, yellow-ish smile, but thankfully, we can change that!


This process takes about an hour to complete, which is no time at all! This chairside whitening procedure uses a whitening gel and a low-intensity light that can improve the shade of your teeth by making it 6-10 shades lighter. Your dentist will make sure that your teeth and gums are protected before the procedure begins.


After the hour, we give patients touch-up kits to take home in order to maintain your new bright and shining smile. You’ll also want to avoid certain foods and drinks that have the ability to stain your smile. While Zoom Whitening is a more advanced option for teeth whitening, you can still go back to the way your smile used to look if you don’t keep up with the proper maintenance. Consuming foods and drinks that have the ability to stain your enamel will continue to do so, no matter what!


Your smile deserves to shine in every situation—whether you’re at work, at home, or on the go, we want our patients to be confident to share their smile with the world. To learn more about Zoom Whitening and what it can do for you, call your 94531 dentist today at (925) 777-1719.