Dentist Antioch Archived 2015 Blogs

Informational Dental Blogs by Your Antioch Family Dentist

East Bay Dental Care wants all of our patients to have the healthiest smile possible. That's why we've created and added our blogs on a consistent basis. Below, we've listed our blogs from 2015 that includes information regarding oral health tips and tricks, dental awareness, and more.


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May 2015

  • Mistakes Made While Brushing
  • Eating for a Whiter Smile
  • Speech Disorder Trouble
  • Why You Need to Floss


June 2015

  • What is Zoom Whitening?
  • Pain Relief Rumors
  • Daily Tips to Care for Teeth
  • Top Foods & Drinks to Avoid
  • Don't Bask in Bad Breath


July 2015

  • What Toothpaste to Choose?
  • On Bleeding Gums
  • Tips to Care for Your Smile
  • Toothbrush Maintenance
  • Harmful Dental Habits


August 2015

  • Dental Symptoms to be Aware Of
  • Learn about Mouthwash
  • Learn about Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Avoid these Harmful Foods!
  • Why Fruits & Veggies Matter


September 2015

  • Upsides to a Smile
  • What Does Dry Mouth Do?
  • Make the Most of Your Visit
  • Protect Your Smile on the Go!


October 2015

  • Save Your Teeth from Halloween Treats


November 2015

  • How Come Flossing Matters?
  • Dental Myths and Rumors
  • Transform with Cosmetic Dentistry
  • For Our Smiles, We are Thankful


December 2015

  • Don't Let Diet Labels Fool You
  • Conquering Flossing
  • Address Severity of Tooth Decay
  • A Healthy Holiday Smile