Dentist Antioch Avoid these Harmful Foods!

To Protect Your Teeth from Unknown Damage, Your Antioch General Dentist Provides the Foods to Avoid


It’s no surprise that there are some foods and drinks that can cause cavities and other dental issues, but there are also some that patients may not know are just as harmful as the rest. Some patients may be thinking that they’re doing their teeth a favor by having some of these foods and drinks below, but your Antioch general dentist is here to warn you against them to help save your smile!


Dried Fruit
This is a popular snack, but it’s quite dangerous for your teeth. Many of these fruits naturally contained water, so once you dry them out and they’re packaged and processed, a majority of each dried fruit contains more sugar than they did in their natural state. The sugar easily gets stuck in their teeth and can stay there for hours. If this occurs, cavities can arise faster than you know!


While these are delicious and can be either a snack or added on the side of a sandwich, they are also harmful. There’s a large amount of acidity in the vinegar that they are constantly soaking in (because that’s what makes them pickles) and can wear away your tooth enamel, the surface of your teeth that protects the vulnerable dentin in the middle of each tooth. They can also cause staining to your enamel, as well.


Citrus Fruit
While many citrus fruits are a great addition to your diet, it’s possible to overconsume them. Fresh citrus fruits like lemons and limes have high amounts of acidity, too, and there are times where people have a tendency or a habit to suck on them. This acidity damages the tooth enamel, leaving them vulnerable to cavities forming.


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