Dentist Antioch Caring for Your Dentures

Antioch Dentist Shares Denture Care Tips

People use dentures on a regular basis as a way to replace missing teeth. This form of tooth replacement can be taken out of the mouth at any time. They are essential for providing users with a quality smile and the service is offered by most cosmetic dentists.
If you wear dentures, there are many tips you should follow to keep them in sparkling condition.
Helpful Tips for Denture Wearers
Take out your dentures once you are done eating so you can give them a quick rinsing. This removes the debris and leftover food. Be careful that you don’t drop your dentures in the process or they could break.
Handle your dentures with care at all times. It is easy to damage them or bend them while cleaning.
When your dentures are not in your mouth, take the time to soak them in a container that has denture cleaner and cool water. Do not soak your dentures in hot water because it could change the shape of the plastic molding.
Make time to clean your dentures each day. If you brush them, avoid using toothpaste. This can be abrasive and lead to damage. Instead, opt for a soft-bristle denture brush that will remove the plaque.
Rinse off your dentures before you wear them again. If you’ve used denture solutions, the chemicals can soak into your mouth. 
Visit your dentist twice a year for a checkup. They will take time to examine your dentures at the visit and ensure they still fit properly.
Don’t ever use whitening toothpaste or any bleaching products on your dentures. They could tarnish the dentures and weaken them. If the color of your dentures bothers you, simply talk to the dentist.
Remove your dentures before bed so your gum tissue doesn’t become irritated.
When to Call Your Antioch Dentist
Even if you follow all these tips to care for your dentures, you still might have issues. Don’t ever be afraid to contact the dentist with your questions or concerns. Protecting your dentures today will pay off as they last for years to come. East Bay Dental can be reached at (925) 777-1719, we look forward to your call.