Dentist Antioch Conquering Flossing

Antioch CA Dentist On Owning Your Flossing

Were you aware that just around fifty percent of the patients of your Antioch CA dentist do NOT floss their teeth on a daily basis? We don’t want you to make any funny faces the next time you walk into our waiting room, for it’s not only our truth but a worldwide one, according to some surveys. Not flossing the teeth is not only dangerous for the health of the mouth, but it is dangerous to the rest of your body too. Researchers have been drawing more and more correlations between a lack of flossing with greater whole-body-health concerns such as diabetes, heart disease, lung problems and more. All of that despite the more “typical” detrimental dental damagers like gum disease and tooth decay.


So after knowing all of that- why would you choose not to floss? It only can take a few minutes after brushing, is relatively inexpensive, and can save not only your smile- but your life too!


Unfortunately- your Antioch CA dentist has heard almost every excuse in the book as to why patients don’t floss. With that in mind, today we have provided a list of some of those excuses, along with ways that they can be defeated. You can review that list by clicking here!


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