Dentist Antioch Daily Dental Care Matters

Antioch Dentist Provides how Ignoring Your Dental Health can Result in Tooth Loss


Here at East Bay Dental, your Antioch dentist wants all patients to know how important good dental care is by both visiting our office and keeping up with your oral hygiene at home. Over the years, a number of studies have proven that kids and adults combined miss an enormous amount of school and work hours due to dental issues. When patients don’t visit our office for a routine cleaning or don’t keep up with brushing and flossing twice a day, they may not be aware of how much danger their teeth are actually in.


It’s documented that a majority of senior citizens are likely to be missing most of all of their teeth, the numbers varying depending on the area that they live in. There are a number of reasons that seniors could be lacking proper dental care, including insurance reasons and income. We still urge any and all patients to visit our office to learn about our options and how we can figure out the best plan to save your smile.


Without proper care to your teeth on a daily basis, you could lose your teeth much faster than you’d think. Without brushing, flossing, and a healthy diet, your teeth could become decayed, loose, and fall out with ease. Of course, there are options to replace missing teeth, but if your gums are beyond repair, you may not even be able to receive dental implants! Your overall mouth needs to be healthy to receive proper restorative treatment.


Read some helpful tips on how to care for your teeth every day:

· Use fluoridated toothpaste: Fluoride contains minerals that strengthen your enamel (the surface of your teeth) and works with your saliva to help protect your teeth

· Switch your diet: Replace sodas with water at any time you can. Try carrying a personal water bottle around with you to remind you to keep yourself hydrated

· Share with your children: Make sure that your kids know how important it is to take care of their teeth so they can keep their natural smile for as long as possible!


No matter how old you are, your dental health matters! Call your Antioch dentist to schedule an appointment for your routine cleaning today at (925) 777-1719.