Dentist Antioch Dealing with Mouth Sores

Antioch CA Dentist on Stopping Sores

There is no denying how resilient the human body is. Not only does it come into contact with potentially harmful situations and substances daily and can shrug them off, but when it does get impacted- it can heal like new (in most cases) very quickly. One place your Antioch CA dentist deals with this “phenomenon” on a daily basis is with oral sores.


We are hard struck to find a patient that has not encountered some type of sore in the mouth before, and that is typically due to 2 things:  1) the wide range of things we use our mouths for and 2) the wide range of things that can cause oral sores.


So what are some examples of things that can cause oral sores?


  • Bacterial, fungal or viral infections.
  • Dental devices, such as braces or dentures.
  • Cracked teeth or fillings.
  • Other disorders and diseases.


You can see in this list, which isn’t even completely comprehensive, that the range is very wide. A sore, which can look relatively the same as any other sore, can be caused anywhere from a bite on the cheek to oral cancer. It is because of this nature that if any oral sore lasts for over a week, you should see your Antioch CA dentist right away. For a more comprehensive guide to oral sores, as well as means of prevention- you can explore the following resource: MedicineNet.


If you have had an oral sore that has lasted for over a week, schedule an appointment with your Antioch CA dentist right away to have it checked out. You can call our office at (925) 777-1719 to schedule today!