Dentist Antioch Decoding Dental Terms

Antioch CA Dentist On Clearing Up Conversation

One of the pillars of the practice of your Antioch CA dentist is patient education. Our entire team knows that if a patient doesn’t understand why a procedure is being performed and what it is- that we aren’t doing our jobs efficiently. We make this a point of emphasis at every appointment and for every individual case. And while we can talk your ear off for hours upon hours about certain topics in dentistry, it may not exactly earn you a DMD or DDS degree.


With that in mind, we are all guilty of using terminology that is common to us. This “vernacular” we can fall into may account for how you speak with your family or friends, or how you speak professionally to others. If you work in a kitchen, you may use some very complex cooking technique vocabulary without giving it a second thought, while we may use the term “edentulous” without blinking either.


We would never mean to confuse you by using big words or ones that you are unaware of. If you happen to hear any member of our team speaking to another about a specific term you aren’t sure of, you can always ask for clarification. If we catch ourselves doing this, on the other hand, we promise to not leave you in the dark either. Regardless, we know that a lot of patients will not be comfortable with asking these types of questions in office, at least, immediately. For that very reason we have provided the following Dental Glossary for you to catch up on your oral health speak outside of our office walls: Click Here for More.


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