Dentist Antioch Dental bridge vs Dental implant

Antioch CA Dental Implants

The key to gaining back that beautiful smile is by visiting a dentist. However, there are a lot of choices available today. The problem is how to choose what's perfect for your need.


Dental bridge and dental implant are two of the top options nowadays. But how are these two different from each other. In weighing your options it is important that you get these two compared first.


Factors to consider before choosing between these two:


●     Time of the teeth loss

Your choice should depend on how recent the damage happened. This is because if a tooth is lost, so are the associated roots and bones beneath it. For a fresh tooth extraction, needed bones are still intact while prolonged tooth loss may cause those bones to shrink or resolve.


Dental implants are good for prolonged teeth loss while recent extraction may necessitate dental bridge work.


●     Cause of the loss

Be it tooth decay or trauma, the cause of the tooth loss will determine what is an advisable treatment for a patient. In a case of tooth loss due to periodontal disease, where gums are severely affected, dental implants will help regenerate some of the tissue and bones through bone grafting procedure needed in implant surgery.


●     Number of the teeth loss

The number of the teeth loss is an important consideration too. If a single tooth is being replaced, a dental implant is a wise choice. You may want to avoid the step in bridge making procedure where the adjacent healthy teeth may be filed so the bridge appliance may fit in. Filing of your healthy teeth can make them prone to bacteria accumulations over time.


●     Patient’s budget

For budget-conscious patients, bridges may appear to them as their best choice. However, if you are looking for value over cost treatment, a dental implant is for you.


In general, implant is a cost-effective option. Yes, dental implants require other expensive procedure, but those will ensure that your artificial teeth are in for a long time of use and complications are not likely to happen.


While the dental bridge may seem frugal at first, your new teeth are more susceptible to complications as compared to implants. It will demand another procedure to treat future complications.