Dentist Antioch Dental Myths and Rumors

Antioch Dentist Debunks the Rumors

Most rumors and myths, especially ones that relate to healthcare, can start out innocently enough. Maybe one person on the internet had some miraculous thing make them better (or so they thought) and they decide to spread this idea goes viral…everyone hears about it…but then it gets to the ears of a professional.


An unfortunate part of the job of your Antioch dentist is to sometimes have to “burst the bubble” on rumors and myths, no matter how good they sound to patients. With that idea in mind, today we have provided the following blog for you to disarm a few common rumors we heard from patients over the last few years:


“Don’t Brush Your Bleeding Gums”

Bleeding gums can be a quite common experience for patients, and most of the time their first experience with this bleeding can be while they are brushing the teeth. The “catch” to this whole incident is that most patients will be suffering from bleeding gums in the first place because they don’t brush or floss enough!


The rumor that “brushing your bleeding gums can make it worse” is absolutely false. Sometimes the only way to stop the bleeding, and thus prevent disease, decay or worse, is to brush even more than you currently do. If you are not flossing once and brushing twice daily for at least two minutes a session, the very cause of the crimson could be looking back at you in the mirror.


“Diet Soda is Good For You”

This is another example of a rumor that has good intentions, but certain aspects of it make it overall inaccurate. Compared to regular soda, diet can be better because of the sugar levels. Sugar rots your teeth, you know all of that, so less sugar, the better…right? Well although the sugar level may be less, the level of acid is typically not. The acid in soda or any other product can eat away at the enamel of the teeth and over time be responsible for decay, disease, staining and more. To best avoid all of these dental detriments, try the “diet-diet soda,” water, next time.


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