Dentist Antioch Dental Symptoms to Be Aware Of

Your Antioch Dentist With What to Look Out For

While the individual patient experience of dentistry may be extremely unique, enough of the basic factors of dentistry are similar. For example, every patient may react slightly different to a cavity- but overall, diagnosis of a cavity on a dentist’s behalf can be common place. This “base-line” allows for books to be written about dentistry, courses to be taught, practices to be established and treatments to be, well, useful.


This commonality has fortunately also allowed certain symptoms to become synonymous with particular dental issues in diagnosis…allowing professionals like your Antioch dentist to treat you better.


For your benefit, today we will go over some of the top dental symptoms, as well as what they could be indicative of:


Sores- while certain oral sores can be caused from biting the cheek or tongue, some could be related to more serious bacterial or viral infections and diseases. No matter the cause, if a sore does not start improving within a week, a trip to your Antioch dentist for a diagnosis may be in order.


Bad Breath- too much raw onion on your cheeseburger can cause temporary bad breath, but more prolonged circumstances can mean more serious issues. Gum disease, serious decay and underperforming your at-home brushing and flossing are just some of the things bad breath could be pointing to for you.


Sensitive Teeth- as above, diet can greatly impact a multitude of mouth health issues. Too much exposure to sugars and acids can lead to microscopic holes in the teeth, resulting in teeth sensitivity. Other issues like gum recession, gum disease, and teeth fracture can also be caused.


A toothache- in general, most toothaches can be correlated to cavities. They also, however, can be a link to tooth impaction, infection, abscess, gum disease and worse.


For any prolonged symptoms, pain or feelings that your mouth “just isn’t right”- schedule an appointment with your Antioch dentist today at (925) 777-1719.