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Diabetes and Dental Care


Men and women who have been diagnosed with diabetes may take some time to become fully aware of the consequences of unmanaged blood sugar. One of the common risks associated with diabetes is gum disease. Like diabetes, this oral condition presents a hazard to your mouth, as well as to the body and to general wellness. To explain the link between these two health concerns, we must touch on the details of gum disease.


Gum disease is a general term used to describe a scale of inflammation and infection. Gingivitis is a form of gum disease. This mild state affects the superficial tissues around teeth. It may cause the gums to bleed when teeth are brushed or when you floss. One of the other subtle signs of gingivitis is problematic bad breath. These signs are easy to ignore, but they shouldn't be. Untreated gingivitis rolls right into periodontitis, a more invasive condition in which the tissues that lie beneath the gums develop infection and inflammation. When periodontitis develops, teeth lose the support they need from gum tissue, as the gums pull away from teeth and plaque settles into pockets. Periodontitis can be uncomfortable, and certainly quite serious.


Assessing the Link

Gum disease and diabetes are intrinsically tied in both directions. When one condition is present, there is an increased risk for the other. It doesn't matter which occurs first. When the gums become infected, it becomes more difficult to keep blood sugar in check. This is true even if you do not have diabetes; and it is why gum disease is a risk factor in the development of that condition. On the other hand, a person with diabetes is compromised in terms of infection-fighting ability. This presents a risk for gum disease to advance more quickly.


The Power of Information

An informed patient is a safer patient. Understanding how gum disease affects other aspects of your health is important. Likewise, if you have diabetes, you benefit from knowing how to manage your oral health. Your Antioch, CA dentist can help. Routine dental care is important for every patient. During routine visits, we assess the condition of the gums and work with you to minimize your risk for disease.


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