Dentist Antioch Do Dental Products Expire?

Antioch, CA Dentist Discusses Product Expirations

You do everything you need to take care of your oral hygiene. But, have you ever stopped to wonder if dental products expire? We’ve got the answers you need.
How Long Do Dental Care Products Last?
This guideline will help you determine how long you can use your products safely.
Toothpaste – There is a manufacture date listed on your toothpaste. In general, it will retain its quality for two years following this date. After that time passes, the paste’s flavoring agents and fluoride strength start to diminish. You don’t want to use toothpaste that is ineffective, so be sure to get rid of it after two years.
Floss – The good news is that dental floss doesn’t expire, so it’s perfectly safe to use the box you find in the back of a drawer. The bad news is that it will start to lose its flavor when it gets old.
Toothbrush – Your toothbrush doesn’t have a technical expiration date, but you do need to replace it every three months. If you get sick, you’ll want to get a new one sooner to risk re-infection.
Mouthwash – This should never be used after two years past the manufacture date. This is most important if your mouthwash contains alcohol. The benefits of mouthwash downgrade the older it gets and eventually, you’re just rinsing with water.
If you follow these guidelines, you’ll have a happier and cleaner mouth.
Your Dentist Loves to Help!
It’s important that you stay on top of your oral care routine by watching the dates on your products. You don’t want to diligently clean your teeth only to get cavities because your products weren’t good. A few dollars to purchase a new tube of paste or toothbrush is nothing when compared to the cost of dental ailments.
These are all things you can discuss with your dentist during your semi-annual visits. Aside from brushing and flossing daily and visiting your Antioch, CA dentist, they may even have some other tips that are handy to keep your mouth in check. Let them have a look at your mouth and they’ll create a customized plan just for you.