Dentist Antioch Don't Bask in Bad Breath

Antioch Cosmetic Dentistry Against Odor

The business of curing bad breath has always been a booming one. With products such as gum, mints, mouthwashes and more promising to halt your unfavorable odor in its tracks… and the number of bad breath causes out there- how couldn’t it be? While some of these causes are a bit more obvious, some can be a little more difficult to pinpoint and treat. Regardless of the cause, today your top provider of Antioch cosmetic dentistry is here to help you identify and battle your bad breath.


One of the causes that fall in the “more obvious” category is your diet. It is no secret to most patients that by eating a variety of spicy, sour or overly potent foods, such as onion or garlic, your breath could suffer. But have you ever wondered how or why?


Foods like the ones above stick around for so long, despite any cleaning we may do or products we may use because they get absorbed into the bloodstream. That means that every time you exhale, until it naturally works its way out of your system, you can be exhaling that garlic from the depths of your lungs- not just the tip of your tongue. Avoid foods like these, or couple them with plenty of water to potentially diminish their effects on your breath. Beverages like coffee and alcohol may seem like a more appropriate dinner choice and can help in masking odor to an extent, but can also cause bad breath in another way: dehydration.


Dehydration is one of the most common other causes of bad breath. Have you or do you wake up in the morning with a less than desirable taste in your mouth? That is more than likely due to you dehydrating your mouth by sleeping with your mouth open. Taking away saliva production, such as, in this case, can allow particles between the teeth to bloom and deliver pungent, potent smells when you awake. Brushing properly before bed and drinking plenty of water can assist in cutting this down, but heavy mouth breathing can have this issue rather you are awake or asleep.


Other causes of bad breath include mucus accumulating in the throat from sickness or allergies, unclean dental appliances, smoking and dental decay or disease. Each must be dealt with in their own ways.


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