Dentist Antioch Eating for a Whiter Smile

Foods that Whiten Teeth from a Zoom Whitening Dentist


If you’ve recently received a teeth whitening treatment from your Zoom Whitening dentist, chances are you’re wondering how to care for your newly whitened smile. Although Zoom Whitening is designed to provide you with teeth that are 6 to 10 shades whiter, it is still important to properly care for your teeth following the whitening treatment. The following foods recommended by your Zoom Whitening dentist are great at naturally fighting bacteria, removing plaque, strengthening enamel, and freshening breath.



This crunchy green snack helps to protect your teeth in two different ways. The extra chewing it requires produces plenty of saliva which neutralizes the bacteria Streptococcus mutan that cause cavities. Also, these naturally abrasive food massages gums and cleans between teeth. By eating a handful of raw celery or carrots once a day, you can help to keep your teeth pearly white and healthy too!



These berries contain enzymes that actually whiten your teeth, so they make a great snack for those you have recently received treatment from a Zoom Whitening dentist. You can even try mashing up a large strawberry and rubbing it on your teeth with your finger for about a minute. Just remember to rinse and floss after to remove any left over seeds.

Sesame Seeds

Fossils reveal that our Paleolithic ancestors had great teeth, and anthropologists suggest that this is partly due to the cleansing action of primitive foods like seeds. Seeds help to remove plaque and build tooth enamel. Sesame seeds are also high in calcium, which helps to preserve the bone around your teeth and gums.


Green tea

Green tea contains substances called catechins that help to kill the bacteria in your mouth that turn sugar into plaque. Catechins also wipe out the bacteria that cause bad breath. By drinking 2 to 5 cups of green tea a day, you’ll help your mouth to fight bacteria to avoid cavities and the breakdown of enamel, which causes the yellowing of your teeth.



Onions contain a powerful antibacterial sulfur compound and has been found to kill S. mutans. Research has indicated that they are the most powerful when eaten freshly peeled and raw. Onions are an easy addition to any salad or sandwiches during the day.


You’ll want to focus on foods like the ones mentioned above following a professional whitening treatment. Harmful drinks like energy drinks, sodas, and red wine can all stain your teeth and reverse the whitening effects that your Zoom Whitening dentist has achieved. If you have any questions for a Zoom Whitening dentist, please feel free to call us at (925) 777-1719.