Dentist Antioch Electric vs. Manual Toothbrush

Antioch Dentist Helps You Choose Which One is Right for You

Electric and traditional tooth brushes are utilized by millions of people every day to maintain proper oral health. Which one is better? Well that depends on the user. Your dentist lists the advantages of both styles below to help you form your own decision.
Traditional Toothbrush
1. Cost: A standard toothbrush costs significantly less than an electric. They can be purchased for under $10 where electric toothbrushes can cost as much as $100.
2. Control: When it comes to manual toothbrushes, you are totally in control. From how hard you brush to how fast. Sensitive areas can be treated with ease without the contact vibration of an electric.
3. Maintenance: A traditional toothbrush can be easily stored and does not require batteries or a charge for use.
Electric Toothbrush
1. Time Saver: Depending on the product, an electric toothbrush can produce up to 30,000 strokes per minute. That means a total of 60,000 brushing strokes during the recommended 2 minutes of brushing. 
2. Grip: If you suffer from arthritis or a weak grip, an electric toothbrush could be a great option for you. You simply hold the brush and let it do all the work with its rotating bristle action.
3. Fun: An electric toothbrush can be an exciting dental tool for children. Enthusiasm from your children when it comes to brushing? Score!
Whether you decide to invest in a new electric toothbrush, or remain faithful to your traditional style, brushing your teeth is an essential part of your daily oral health routine. Along with brushing for two minutes, twice a day, your Antioch dentist strongly recommends the use of dental floss to remove food and debris caught between teeth. 
Attending routine dental cleanings every 6 months will help remove any plaque or bacteria missed when brushing. 
If you have any questions about your brushing routine, or would like to discuss oral care tips, please call our office today at (925) 777-1719. We look forward to your call and can’t wait to assist you in anyway possible.