Dentist Antioch Enjoyable Dental Visits For Kids

Your 94531 Dentist Makes Dental Visits Enjoyable

Bringing your child to any kind of doctor can be stressful and scary for them if it's the first time. Helping prepare your child, before they go to the dentist, can help alleviate the stress surrounding the whole experience. Here are some helpful tips to make your child visit to the dentist as positive as possible.


1. Have Your Child Accompany You to A Visit


Bring your child with you to one of your own dentist visits to accustom them to the environment. The sounds and sights may be overwhelming, on top of having to be examined themselves. Letting your child see that the dentist isn't a punishment and that it can be an enjoyable experience, will help ease their fears when it comes time for their own visit.


2. Reward Your Child!


Make sure that when it comes time for your child to have their first dentist visit, to reward them for being brave and cooperative during their appointment. Making the entire experience a positive one, start to finish, can help your child look forward to going to the dentist. Start by giving your child a special treat beforehand, like a new toy or book. During the examination, praise your child and reinforce positive behaviors. After, take your child to an activity of their choice (within reason!) as a reward for a job well done.


3. Start Them Early


If you want to make dental hygiene a priority for your child expose them to the dentist early on! Once their first few teeth come in, bring them into the dentist and ask your dentist to give them a gentle exam to expose them to the process. Find a dentist that has experience with children and can make your child's first time at the dentist a fun and stress-free one!


4. Let Us Help


If you're thinking of bringing your kids to the dentist for the first time, give us a call! We'll be happy to help you find the right dentist for your child, and make their first visit stress free for both you and your child.