Dentist Antioch Goodbye to Microbeads

Antioch Family Dentist on The Whitening Bead Ban

With the ever-growing desire for a whiter and whiter smile, your Antioch family dentist makes sure to supply meet demand by offering amazing procedures such as Zoom Whitening in our office daily.


But where Zoom Whitening may improve the shade of your teeth several times over in merely a few hours, patients also will of course worry about keeping up their white smile as time moves along. Because let’s face it- you don’t live in the dentist office.


So what can you do to keep a white smile? Well besides eating healthy and drinking lots of water- brushing your teeth at least twice a day seems like a great option as well. And it is with this brushing that many patients will utilize some sort of “whitening toothpaste” to ensure the brightness of their smile. While some of these pastes can, in fact, help remove surface stains, the means of which they perform this duty with will no longer be available to consumers.


What your Antioch dentist is referring to specifically are microbeads. The little plastic beads in whitening pastes that scrub the teeth. You may have also seen them in exfoliating facial cleansers, soaps and many more products. Well as of a few days ago, they will be no more.


Studies and experts have shown for years how detrimental these little beads can be to the environment and to humans, and thus, manufacturers now have until 2017 to find another solution. You can find out more about the specifics by heading right HERE.


In the interim, don’t go rushing out the door to find another paste right away! Make sure to consult your Antioch family dentist on a whitening toothpaste that will be best for you!


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