Dentist Antioch Harmful Dental Habits

Antioch Family Dentist Wants to Protect Your Teeth from Silly Habits


Bad habits aren’t unfamiliar to everyone, especially when they’re related to your dental care. While brushing and flossing your teeth is contributing to your health, you may also be damaging them when you don’t even knowing it. Your Antioch family dentist is here to tell you what bad dental habits to avoid so you’re saving your teeth from any unknown damage.


Chewing Ice
This is something that many restaurant patrons do just to kill time. They don’t want another drink and take to crunching on some ice before they leave. On top of the intensely cold ice coming in contact with your teeth, you’re putting all of your teeth at risk of cracking and breaking.


Popcorn Kernels
Along with ice, popcorn kernels can also capable of cracking, chipping and breaking your teeth. This goes along with the pits of many fruits. These are too tough and dangerous to crunch on because your teeth are much more sensitive than you may think. While you may not have seen any consequences yet, you’re essentially wearing your teeth down until they’re expected to break.


Chewing on Items that are Not Food
If your oral fixation causes you to bite objects like pens and pencils, your fingernails, the ends of the arms of your glasses, and the like, then you’re weakening your teeth much like you would be chewing on tougher food items. People do this a lot if they’re nervous and anxious in a situation where they need some form of comfort, and chewing on non-food items can hold people over, but there are risks to this because your teeth aren’t meant to handle or break down anything but food.


It’s important to know that your teeth are only strong enough for foods and not much else. Using them as tools to break or rip something is putting your dental health at a high risk. If you think there are other ways you may be unintentionally harming your teeth, contact your Antioch family dentist by calling this number (925) 777-1719 or clicking here to request an appointment.