Dentist Antioch Importance of having Straight Teeth

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Getting straighter teeth isn’t just for an improved appearance and a beautiful smile. While it’s a good reason for getting crooked teeth straightened, improved health, especially oral health, is the most important reason to consider. Here are five ways straight teeth make you healthier.


1. Better Oral Health


Straighter teeth are easier to clean and lead to better oral health. Crowded teeth are much more difficult to floss and can lead to plaque buildup that eventually leads to tooth decay.


2. Healthier Gums


Too widely spaced or crowded teeth often become red and inflamed. This may lead to periodontal (gum) disease. Straightened teeth with the gums that fit more securely around the teeth prevent periodontal problems.


3. Clearer Speech


Having a gap in your front teeth may affect your speech. Oftentimes, people have diastema (gap between teeth) have trouble pronouncing clearly. Patients who straightened their teeth have experienced improved speech.


4. Decreases your Risk of Abnormal Tooth Wear and Tooth Injury


Crowded bottom teeth may cause one or more teeth to jut out. Over time, this can lead to inefficient chewing function and can cause abnormal wearing of tooth. Crowded, protruding upper teeth are likely to be broken in the occurrence of an accident. Properly aligned teeth reduce wear and tear on the teeth.

5. Decreases headaches or neck pain


Misaligned teeth can lead to an increase in wrinkles on the face. Improper bite may put much strain on facial muscles and jaw joint, which results in an increased risk of headache, neck pain and jaw pain.


6. Improves Mental and Overall Health


Your mental health is vital to your overall health. Studies have shown that having a better-looking smile increases your confidence, thus improving your mental health. Improved mental health benefits include lower stress level and improved cognition.



Getting your teeth straightened improves more than just your smile. In fact, straightening your teeth will benefit both your physical and mental wellbeing.