Dentist Antioch Keep a Child's Smile Healthy

Antioch CA Dentist Shows how to Take Care of Your Newborn’s Smile


When it comes to your smile, you want to make sure it’s healthy and strong enough to last a lifetime. All of this starts with making sure that your teeth are being properly taken care of at a young age. Your Antioch CA dentist wants to share with patients (and parents!) about the best ways to protect your child’s teeth.


Something that parents don’t always take into consideration when it comes to their child’s health is their teeth. With all of the other potential issues that can randomly come about for newborns and very young children, oral and dental health seem to be at the back of their minds. But it’s simple and quick to take care of your child’s teeth and gums with a simple wipe with a clean, damp gauze.


It’s an exciting time when your child’s first tooth comes in, but it can be a painful time for them. With the help of the parent, you can massage their gums with your finger and the damp gauze for comfort. There are also teething toys (including ones that you can chill) that babies can use to alieve the pain.


When it comes to brushing, we recommend that patients get the age appropriate toothbrushes with small heads and soft bristles. No matter how “clean” their teeth may be in the beginning, they’re still susceptible to severe oral and dental damage. If the baby teeth and the area around it is damaged or infected, the teeth that follow can be at jeopardy, as well.


To learn more about child dental care, don’t hesitate to call your Antioch CA dentist today at (925) 777-1719. A child’s smile is just as important as any other patient!