Dentist Antioch Keep Up with a Full Dental Routine

Your Antioch CA Dentist Shares the Importance of Flossing Along with Brushing and Rinsing


There are countless ways to take care of your teeth, from brushing on a daily basis to monitoring your diet. If you’re keeping up with your oral hygiene routine of brushing and using mouth-washing, then is it always necessary to floss your teeth? While it may seem like you’re taking care of your teeth to the best of your ability, your Antioch CA dentist is here to discuss why flossing is a necessity, not an option.


Studies have shown that one-third of adults in the US don’t floss at all when the other two-thirds admit to flossing once in a while or every day. While it may not seem a lot, that’s putting millions of Americans at risk for serious dental health issues like cavities, tooth decay, and tooth loss. Many people don’t think it’s a big deal to skip out on visiting the dentist, but there are many hidden problems that you may not notice right away that a professional can quickly take care of!


No matter how well you clean your teeth on a daily basis, there is still bacteria that’s trying to hide in between your teeth from the foods and drinks that you consume. Bristles on a toothbrush and the use of mouthwash aren’t strong enough to remove the bacteria from these hard-to-reach places, which is where floss comes in! Not only does floss clean in between the teeth, but they also work below the gum line to reach the small particles of food and other bits of bacteria.


Even if you have a healthy smile, flossing will only make it better. It’s important to include this part of your routine since there are ways that your smile could be negatively affected while you don’t even realize it. Make sure that you’re keeping up with your daily dental routine by also scheduling an appointment with your Antioch CA dentist by calling our office today at (925) 777-1719.