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Find out More About Antioch Cosmetic Dentistry

Although your top providers of Antioch cosmetic dentistry at East Bay Dental have been practicing this focus for years now, the popularity in cosmetic dentistry specifically has surged in recent times.


Our office offers all patients some of the most amazing and thorough cosmetic procedures available, including Zoom Whitening, veneers, Invisalign and so many more options to make your smile “pop” like never before. 


One cannot help at sometimes to get a bit “introspective” about these types of work, though. What does cosmetic dentistry actually mean? Why have doctors and patients alike taken to it so openly? Today we will be exploring answers to some of these questions and more.


At a base level- cosmetic dentistry and cosmetic dentists are concerned with the appearance of the teeth, compared to function. There will be several procedures that a cosmetic dentist performs that may help benefit function in the end, but again, it is typically not the focus of the procedures.


For example, placing a dental bridge will definitely improve the appearance of a patient's teeth by helping to fill a gap where a tooth is missing. However, it can also work into the function of the mouth by helping with speech and chewing.


It is not to say that a cosmetic dentist will ignore functionality in order to gain some appearance improvement. As a doctor, our concern with function and the overall well-being of the patient will always trump any aesthetic goals. If a procedure is too deemed too risky, we will not attempt to improve the look of the teeth while putting others in harm’s way.


But why practice Antioch cosmetic dentistry? Why do patients take to it so much also?


Our office and apparently many patients, truly believe in the transformative power of a good-looking smile. We believe that with every set of teeth whitened, straightened or corrected in one way or another- we are giving back irreplaceable characteristics to a patient. You can gain pride, confidence, happiness and so much more by having a smile you are proud of and want to share- so that is why we do this job.


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