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Antioch general dentist compares amalgam and composite resin fillings


At East Bay Dental Care, our general dentist provides two methods of addressing cavities for Antioch, CA area patients. This includes silver amalgam fillings and composite resin fillings. Both have their place in dentistry and our team can help patients decide which is right for them.


Silver Amalgam Fillings

These metal fillings have been used for decades to repair areas of tooth decay. This method is less expensive than composite resin fillings. They are strong and durable and known to last a long time. However, they may bring about an issue if they expand and contract, which can happen due to temperature changes. Additionally, they are quite noticeable when used in the smile and stand out against white tooth enamel. They are effective and affordable and can still be used in many situations.


Composite Resin Fillings

Some patients opt for the more expensive alternative called composite resin fillings. These use a material that is colored closer to the natural appearance of tooth enamel to blend in with the smile. Composite resin is also used for fixing teeth that have been chipped or broken. Unlike silver amalgam fillings, composite resin does not expand and contract with temperature changes. This may be beneficial in keeping the smile healthier longer as it does not expose the inner portion of the tooth to bacteria.


Both are available at our practice and can be used depending on the specific needs of our patients. We encourage patients to make an appointment to consult with us regarding these two types of repair and which is most appropriate for their specific concerns.


If you live in or around the Antioch, California community and are seeking a method of repair for a tooth with a cavity, now is the time to contact the team of East Bay Dental Care by calling (925) 777-1719 and speaking with our front office staff. We encourage new and existing patients to speak with our general dentist to learn about these two methods of repair and restoration that may be used in addressing areas of tooth decay.