Dentist Antioch Make the Most of Your Visit

Antioch CA Dentist with Appointment Prep Tips

If your upcoming dental appointment with your Antioch CA dentist is going to be your first, or maybe the first in a while, there may be some pre-visit steps to take. In order to help your visit go as smoothly as possible and to be fulfilling as it can be, today we have gathered a few planning techniques to take into consideration.


Make a List

No matter your common demeanor, we all can feel a little “manic” or rushed when we visit a doctor, especially the dentist. Some patients may have a certain anxiety about the dentist that they don’t even realize until they get into our chairs- and we understand that.


We try to create the best atmosphere we can and make sure our friendly staff is always there to help you if you need them…but sometimes that is even not enough to “hush” a racing mind.


Many times our need to get in and out of an appointment quickly can negatively impact our treatment, or at least not allow us to get what we want out of it.


Take some time to make a list of problems, symptoms or questions you may have for your Antioch CA dentist before your visit. That way in the moment of “pressure” in the chair, you won’t forget some of that potentially vital information- only to remember it on the ride home.


Update Forms

Patient and medical history forms can play an important role in our treatments for you. For that very reason, we offer these forms online for you to fill out ahead of time. Make sure to try and take advantage of this if possible. As with the above “make a list” issue, sometimes minor surgeries that may have happened a while ago or new prescriptions may go overlooked or be forgotten, but can mean a lot as far as interactions and procedures from your Antioch CA dentist are concerned.


Schedule a New Appointment

Even though you may be just completed your appointment with us- schedule another! We find that patients who book their next visit before they leave our office are much more likely to keep the date and actually make it a priority. The “let me check my calendar and call you” rarely works the way we want to. Do not miss those crucial check-ups and cleanings! Book now!


For more information on your upcoming appointment, or to schedule with your Antioch CA dentist today- call our office at (925) 777-1719.