Dentist Antioch Missing Dental Fillings

94531 Dentist Discusses Loss of Dental Fillings

Many people have a mouth consisting of dental fillings that were used to repair a tooth. Whether it was invaded by a small cavity or had a fracture, the filling helped to restore it back to health. So what do you do if you start to lose your dental fillings?


Why Dental Fillings Fall Out


Dental fillings are composed of materials that are resistant to the bacteria leading to tooth decay. While this helps to prevent you from further issues, not continuing with a good oral hygiene routine can put you at risk. Natural bacteria will continue to weaken the surrounding tooth and lead to issues with your filing.


You might not notice the change at first. Early signs are a change in color, a heightened sensitivity or a varying texture than normal. These could all be indications that a bad dental filling is about to fall out.


What to Do


If a filling falls out, you must have your mouth examined by your 94531 dentist right away. Without a filling to support your tooth structure, you are now at risk for a dental fracture to occur. This hole in the tooth can also trap debris and food particles leading to an overgrowth of bacteria. This poor oral environment is a breeding ground for new cavities to form, even inside the affected tooth.


If the filling was small, it’s possible for the dentist to repair the area by removing a little more of the tooth enamel. Then, a new filling will be placed inside the tooth on a healthy and clean surface.


If the filling was part of a large area, the dentist might opt to restore your tooth with a dental crown instead. This replaces the enamel of your tooth with a strong and more durable material. These can be made of porcelain, gold or a metal alloy.


When the interior of your tooth has been affected, the dentist might need to do a root canal instead. This removes the decayed and damaged material from the tooth. Then, a new structure is formed to anchor the dental crown.


Whatever the case, the sooner you get your missing filling dealt with, the more likely treatment will be easy and less painful. Save yourself some time and money by promptly acting anytime you notice something unusual with a filling. East Bay Dental Care can be reached at (925) 777-1719, we look forward to your call.