Dentist Antioch Solution to Dental Black Triangles

Antioch Cosmetic Dentistry


Dental black triangles, or open gingival embrasures, are gaps between teeth which are usually caused by gum line recession and bone loss. It can also be the result of bruxism or excessive teeth grinding. While dental black triangles are common dental problems, treating them can get a little more complicated.


Open gingival embrasures appear in 30% of adults. Because of this, dental advancements have been made to counter the condition which often involves invasive techniques. These gaps make teeth more susceptible to erosion since it promotes excessive bacteria and plaque accumulation.


Composite Bonding


One of the most popular methods of treating the dreaded dental black triangles is through composite bonding. So, what exactly does this procedure entail?


Composite bonding involves sculpting natural teeth-colored composite resin into the right size and shape to hide dental black triangles. Compared to other cosmetic dental treatments, composite bonding is much simpler. As a matter of fact, it can be achieved in a single trip to the dentist.


After the initial teeth cleaning, your dentist will choose a shade of composite resin which mirrors the color of your professionally cleaned natural teeth. Your teeth will then be conditioned to sustain the composite resin sufficiently. You will feel a little discomfort as your dentist carefully etches your teeth’s surface and gently applies the conditioning liquid for easy resin bonding. Once the preparation for bonding is complete, your dentist will proceed to mold the putty-textured resin onto your teeth. When it is perfectly applied, ultraviolet light will be shed to harden the composite securely in place. Finally, the composite is polished to prevent mouth irritation.





Although dental bonding is widely considered to be the best way to fix dental black triangles, it isn’t for everybody. This is the reason why we have cosmetic dentistry experts developing several other methods to cover or fill them. The thing is, teeth come in all shapes and sizes, thus, requiring different kinds of attention and treatment.