Dentist Antioch Take Back Your Smile

Lost a Tooth? Here’s how Dental Implants from your Antioch Dentist can Give you Back your Smile!


In the past 10 years or so, most people have become familiar with what dental implants are. What may come as a surprise is the fact that this dental treatment has been in development for several decades; actually, for several centuries! Before modern technique, evidence suggests that ancient civilizations attempted to replace teeth and roots with objects such as shells. Patients of East Bay Dental care can trust that their Antioch dentist will use only the best materials to restore function and esthetic value after tooth loss.


Root Replacement: is it Really Necessary?

It is common for people to believe that losing a tooth or two is no big deal. In truth, the space that is created by just one missing tooth can really do a number on your smile. It is nearly impossible to hide a gap in your smile, even if the tooth that was lost was situated at the back of your mouth. What also happens when this space is not properly filled by a new tooth is that other teeth can begin to move, creating misalignment in other places. These consequences are unappealing, but they pale in comparison to what happens beneath the gums.


One of the primary concerns related to tooth loss is the breakdown of healthy bone tissue in the jaw. Over the course of dental history, and tooth replacement with dentures, it has been discovered that teeth, their roots, and the jaw have a synergistic relationship that you really don't want to disrupt. When you chew, force transfers through your teeth, down the roots, and into the jawbone. This stimulates regeneration in the cells that build new bone. In turn, the bone supports stable teeth. Also, the jawbone is a necessary structure that keeps the nose and the chin from sitting too close to one another.


Here are just a few of the reasons why root replacement with implants makes sense:

  • These tiny titanium posts become encased by bone, stabilizing them for life.
  • Implants send the necessary stimulation into the jawbone, which preserves structure necessary for chewing and also for healthy facial contours.
  • The strategic insertion of implants through the upper or lower arch can stabilize a full denture.
  • Implants are successful in more than 98% of cases.
  • Full stabilization of a crown, bridge, or denture recreates the natural look and feel of teeth.


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