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Find the Perfect Fit for Your Teen at Your 94531 Dentist

Being a teenager can sometimes be hard. Developing a sense of self as they grow is very important. It is also important that they stay active. Sometimes, when teens or older children are playing sports or running around with friends, they can damage their new adult teeth. Even a simple trip at school can chip or loosen a tooth! Many teens will be self-conscious about the gaps in their smile if left untreated. Long-term, this can cause other dental ailments, due to missing teeth; such as bone density loss, jaw pain and other teeth becoming overworked and out of place. There are multiple options to consider, both temporary and permanent for children. Your 94531 dentist would like to make things a bit easier on your teen! Here, we explore a few of the options.


Partial Dentures


Removable dentures are made out of false teeth and are placed on an artificial pink colored gum that you would place in your mouth so that you’d look like you have actual teeth. This easy option can bring back a beautiful smile even if you have a tooth gap. They are quite easy to use, and they can be removed whenever you feel uncomfortable wearing them.


Dental Bridges


Another alternative tooth replacement method would be using dental bridges. Unlike dentures, bridges are actually a bit more sturdy, and they do not come out as easily as dentures. These bridges can replace a whole set of teeth by allowing you to just place false teeth on the gaps to cover the missing places. Caps at the two ends of the bridge can be attached to your actual teeth in order for the bridge not to fall out.


Dental Implants


This option is a more long-term replacement options. Dental implants can last ten to fifteen years! If your teen lost a tooth and needs their smile back to normal quickly and efficiently, then you may want to suggest dental implants. Our office will explain all the options to you and if this minimally-invasive surgery is the right option depending on each patient.


These are some of the temporary tooth replacement options for your teens. These options will help them have better-looking teeth and boost their confidence. We will be sure to treat your child like family and offer the best solutions possible for every situation when a teen is missing a tooth! Please call our office today to find out more about these tooth replacement options your 94531 dentist has available for you.