Dentist Antioch Tips to Care for Your Smile

Antioch General Dentist is Here to Strengthen Your Smile


It’s a common misconception that going to the dentist is an awful experience—they just poke and prod around your mouth, tell you what you’re doing wrong, and send you on your merry way. But this doesn’t have to be every patients experience when they go to their appointment. Your dentist wants the best for you and your oral health, which is why they give you tips on how to improve your smile. From East Bay Dental, your Antioch general dentist has some tips to make your smile fit who you are.


Dental Care at Home is Crucial
It’s recommended that patients visit their dentist at least every six months. Some may only do it once a year, but there are patients who don’t want to go at all! For whatever reason that patients aren’t following up with their appointments, this means they’re not getting a professional cleaning or advice from their dentist on how to keep their teeth healthy. If you’re not keeping up with your proper dental care routine, plus you aren’t going to your appointments, then your oral health could be at risk for one of the most preventable diseases in the world: tooth decay.


Poking and Prodding is Helpful!
Dentists check and ask questions about your gums because they’re just as important as your teeth. If a patient’s gums aren’t healthy, there’s a high chance that neither are their gums. So what now? If your gums begin bleeding when a dentist is cleaning them, then that means he’s getting out the bacteria that’s been stuck there for a long enough time to cause the bleeding. While it may seem scary, they’re doing right by you. This cleaning process is necessary—in order for your teeth to be healthy, your gums need to be healthy, as well.


There’s Not Just One “Perfect Smile”
Some patients may want a celebrity smile, where their bright, white teeth can be seen from miles away. But it’s important to know that white teeth don’t necessarily mean that they’re healthy. Of course teeth whitening is an option, and can be performed by your dentist, but your smile is your own, and you need to act like it! Everyone’s smile is unique and your dentist will treat it as such, cleaning your teeth to make them fit your personality, your looks, and more. Don’t be discouraged that your smile doesn’t look exactly like your favorite celeb’s—just be thankful that your teeth are healthy.


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