Dentist Antioch Tooth Brushing Techniques

Antioch Family Dentist Shares Brushing Tips

Brushing your teeth is critical to maintaining healthy gums and teeth. There is more to brushing your teeth than just technique. Purchasing the right toothbrush is also essential. Read through these toothbrush tips to find out how to best care for your teeth.
Choosing a Toothbrush
Toothbrushes are available in a variety of forms and it can be difficult to figure out the best choice for your mouth. You’ll want to start by finding one with the ADA seal on the box. This ensures that the bristles will not be too hard for your teeth. In fact, you want to choose a toothbrush that the bristles are on the softer side. 
Make sure the toothbrush fits your mouth size. If your mouth is small, be sure to pick a small toothbrush. You’ll also want a toothbrush that is easy to hold and use. The more comfortable it is, the longer you will use it for. It really doesn’t matter if you use a powered or manual toothbrush; just be sure it is comfortable for you.
Tooth Brushing Techniques
Once you’ve found the perfect toothbrush, you’ll need the right techniques to keep your teeth clean. Follow these simple guidelines:
Brush twice daily. For best results, you will want to brush after each meal.
Use a fluoride toothpaste when brushing.
Brush for at least three minutes. Use a timer if you need to.
While brushing the gum line, use an angle toward your gums.
Never brush too roughly. Use a gentle motion that won’t cause damage to the delicate gum tissue.
Finish your brushing routine by brushing the bacteria off of your tongue.
Be sure to rinse your toothbrush thoroughly after every use. 
Every three to four months, be sure you replace your toothbrush. If you are using an electric model, you can just replace the toothbrush head.
If you have further questions or concerns about the right toothbrush to use, it is time to consult with your Antioch family dentist. They will help you find the right toothbrush for your mouth so you can ensure it is healthy for years to come.