Dentist Antioch Tooth Replacement Methods

Antioch area dentist offers three methods of tooth replacement for patients


Antioch, CA area patients dealing with tooth loss need to work with an area dentist to discuss the possibilities for replacement. There are three primary methods of tooth replacement that patients need to consider, and working with a dental team with experience is the first step. At East Bay Dental, our team of professionals can assess the situation and help patients make an educated decision regarding the replacement of their missing teeth. Drs. Lawrence Wu, Karam Abdou, Dalia Ammsso, and Richard Marasco Jr. are all dedicated to assisting new and existing patients with replacement concerns. The available means of replacing teeth include dentures, dental bridges, and dental implants.



Dentures come in two varieties, including full and partial. Patients missing one or more teeth within the arch of the smile may benefit from partials, which are fabricated using metal and acrylic framework. On the other hand, the entire arch may be replaced using full dentures. Full dentures are sometimes used in conjunction with dental implants for better stability and strength.


Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are restorations which include false teeth (pontics) fused with dental crowns on each end. This creates a single restoration that spans the area of missing teeth. One or more teeth in a row can be replaced using this method.


Dental Implants

The “gold standard” in tooth replacement is that of dental implants. Patients with enough bone to enjoy a successful replacement with dental implants are the best candidates. Dental implants are titanium posts which act as natural tooth roots and are placed into the bone of the jaw for optimum stability. They can be restored using any of the above methods including dental crowns to act as a stand-alone replacement for a single tooth.


Drs. Lawrence Wu, Karam Abdou, Dalia Ammsso, and Richard Marasco Jr. are here to help patients in and around the area of Antioch. Contact their practice today to schedule an appointment and speak with our team regarding the available methods of tooth replacement. They can be reached at (925) 777-1719 or by visiting personally at 5157 Lone Tree Way.