Dentist Antioch Toothbrush Maintenance

Antioch Dentist on Brush Intergrity

While you may be exposed to a great deal of specialized dental tools at your Antioch dentist visit, you actually have one of the most powerful ones available at home: your toothbrush. By brushing twice daily, you can set yourself up to have amazing oral health benefits for years to come. Unfortunately, it may not always be as simple as “just” the act of brushing.


Our brushes are exposed to not only the bacteria in our mouths daily, but also other external contaminating factors too. How can we keep our brushes clean to promote positive oral health then? Read on…


One step you can take before and after brushing is a simple act that we find most patients do out of habit anyway. Hold your brush’s head under hot water and move a finger through the bristles in order to clear out lingering particles. This combination of heat and motion can dislodge even the sneakiest of sticking on germs.


Following brushing, storage is another essential priority to take into account. Place your toothbrush right-side-up in a holder that allows for it to get a great deal of natural airflow. Do not allow the head of the brush to make contact with any other brushes or surfaces at all. Lastly, make sure to clean off any of the white residue that can drip down the side or to the bottom of a holder regularly. This leftover substance can be a great contributor of damaging bacteria.


Finally, make sure that you replace your brush every 3 to 4 months. After this range of time, the bristles on your brush will start to be worn out from your daily regimen, making them more susceptible to catching and holding in bacteria. Toss and replace regularly to ensure the highest standard of health you can for yourself.


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