Dentist Antioch Upsides to a Smile

Antioch CA Dentist with Why You Should Smile

Your Antioch CA dentist likes to believe that every day we give a patient a new reason to smile. By utilizing our wide range of general, cosmetic and advanced dental techniques, we can improve or restore a patient’s smile in a way that is unique and specific to their needs. By giving our patients a new reason to love their smile, they not only reap the external, appearance based benefits, but also can gain a whole host of internal ones as well. Today we will be taking a look at just a handful of those upsides, inside and out, to your genuine smile!


Externally, you of course always look your best when you smile. Smiling can make you appear more confident, proud, happy, fun and so many other traits. Shoot a smile to the right person and you can spark a conversation or start a relationship that lasts a lifetime.


Smiling also can help you look younger too! Smiling works certain muscles in the face that helps negate the impact of wrinkles and crow’s feet over time. Skip the creams or surgeries, give yourself a natural facelift and look up to five years younger just by smiling and genuinely being in a good mood!


As alluded to earlier, smiling also has some benefits for your insides as well. Smiling can release hormones and endorphins in the body that reduce stress, improve mood, lessen pain and can keep your immune system in check too. Rest assured knowing that when a health issue does arise, your immune system will spring into action quicker and more efficiently thanks to all that smiling you have been doing.


Lastly, and although a bit of a cliché, smiling is contagious. Spread all of the above upsides onto someone else by just smiling at them! Studies prove that for every person you smile at, about 50% will smile back at you or go on to smile at someone else. That is quite the “pay it forward” if we do say so ourselves!


For more information on the benefits of your smile, or to attain one you would absolutely love to share with others, call your Antioch CA dentist today at (925) 777-1719.