Dentist Antioch Utilize the Benefits of Dental Implants

See how Your Antioch Dentist can Turn Your Frown Upside Down with Dental Implants!


Over the years, dental implants have given patients the chance to have their natural smile back again, feeling confident and comfortable in more ways than one. With the incredible advancements that this area of dentistry has made, patients of all ages have the ability to utilize their full smile without worrying about noticeable gaps and other difficult hindrances to their everyday routine. Below, your Antioch dentist will discuss dental implants, how they work, how to care for them, and more.


A dental implant is a titanium post that acts as a tooth’s root that is surgically placed into the jawbone below your gum line. This allows your dentist to place a tooth replacement or bridge into that area in order to fill in the gap and complete your smile once more. Unlike dentures, dental implants don’t move or come loose and cannot be taken out. This preferred method of tooth replacement allows patients to make minimal adjustments to their everyday routine after fully healing.


While there are other tooth replacement options out there, some patients don’t feel fully comfortable using them. These options may not even be possible for certain patients, either, depending on their current oral and dental health and if there’s enough support. The more secure it feels, the more secure you feel in your smile!


To receive dental implants, you’ll need to have healthy gums and adequate bone tissue in order to support the post. You also have to make sure that these areas stay healthy or else the implant may be in danger. The healthier the area, the more likely your implants will last a lifetime!


Caring for your dental implants is extremely similar to caring for your natural teeth. Like we mentioned, you have to ensure that they’re being cared for after they’ve completely healed. Practicing good oral hygiene, leaving behind bad habits, avoiding dangerous and harmful foods, and keeping up with your scheduled dental visits are all great ways to care for both your natural teeth and your dental implants.


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