Dentist Antioch What Does Dry Mouth Do?

Your Antioch Dentist Describes how Dry Mouth Negatively Affects Your Oral Health


Dry mouth, medically known as xerostomia, is a common occurrence for many people. This usually occurs when a person is experiencing nervousness or anxiety, or simply haven’t had a drink in quite a while. People also experience dry mouth after waking up in the morning—this can happen if you sleep with your mouth open. But, for some people, dry mouth is a serious medical issue that can seriously damage their oral health. Your Antioch dentist is here to explain how dangerous dry mouth can be and what to do to stop it.


To begin, dry mouth is the feeling that there isn’t enough saliva in your mouth. Some symptoms that come with dry mouth is experiencing a dry feeling in your throat, a dry tongue, dry lips, issues chewing, talking or tasting, and more. Although this may seem like a simple annoyance, your saliva is an important part of your oral care. Not only does your saliva help reduce the feeling of dry mouth, but it also creates protective minerals that coat and strengthen the surface of your teeth from the bacteria of the foods and drinks you consume throughout the day.


Here are some issues that cause dry mouth:

· Smoking cigarettes: This, along with other tobacco products, quickly and efficiently dries out your mouth. The tobacco burns your tongue and seeps into your gums, halting the process of saliva creation and disrupting the bloodstreams to your mouth.

· Side effects to some medicines: There’s a large amount of medicines that cause your salivary glands to be disrupted, causing dry mouth. If this is becoming an everyday issue, talk to your doctor about whatever particular medicine is causing this.

· Diseases: Diabetes is a disease that causes dry mouth because it’s a symptom of high blood sugar. If you have dry mouth as a diabetic, you’re more likely to suffer from tooth decay!


Thankfully, there are ways to subdue your dry mouth until it’s medically, professionally treated. Things like frequently drinking water, chewing sugar-free gum, avoiding salty and sweet foods, and avoiding drinks with a large amount of caffeine can severely reduce your chances of suffering from dry mouth.


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