Dentist Antioch What Toothpaste to Choose?

Antioch CA Dentist Helps to Pick the Right Paste for You


For every brand of toothbrush, there’s toothpaste that’s right beside it. When it comes to dental decisions, sometimes it’s difficult to choose what kind of toothpaste to buy. While they all have the same function and the same goal, there are different ingredients and products in the toothpaste that give different kinds of benefits. Your Antioch CA dentist at East Bay Dental is here to discuss different kinds of pastes and what one may be best for you.


If You Want a Whiter Smile
There are some toothpastes that will improve the color of your teeth if you’re worried about a tint of yellow that you may have. Whitening toothpastes contain mild abrasives that help your teeth shine and prevent the buildup of further stains. When looking for this paste, look for ones that contain modified silicone abrasives. If you’re not sure about pastes in the store, contact your dentist to see if they can suggest the best one for you.


If You’re Worried about Cavities
Every time you eat something, there’s bacteria that coats your teeth from the food. Because of this, the acidity is breaking down your tooth enamel and protective mineral. The acidity eats away at the enamel, creating small holes in your teeth that are cavities. Look for toothpastes that contain fluoride. While almost every paste does contain fluoride, there are specific ones that claim to be “anti-cavity” will help fight the bacteria.


If You Have Sensitive Teeth
There are many difficulties for people have sensitive teeth, from eating certain foods to even drinking cold drinks. Finding a toothpaste and brush that will cater to your sensitive teeth is very important. Brushing your teeth with a sensitive paste will strengthen your teeth and hopefully lessen the sensitivity, so it’ll lessen the pain.


There are other types of toothpastes that will enhance other parts of your teeth, for strength or even for your dentures. If you have any further questions, call your Antioch CA dentist at this number (925) 777-1719 or request an appointment here today!